AMOSS - St George's Indian Orthodox Church, London

St George's Indian Orthodox Church, London

AMOSS, the Akhila Malankara Orthodox Shusrushaka Sangham, is a dedicated movement working towards several key objectives. Its primary aim is to provide comprehensive instruction and guidance to altar boys across all parishes within the Malankara Church, fostering a sense of uniformity in worship practices and ensuring systematic service. Through this initiative, AMOSS seeks to cultivate individuals who embody God’s grace and dedication, leading spiritual and sacramental lives while drawing from worldly experience to serve as devout servants within the church’s sacramental ministry.

Moreover, AMOSS is committed to training attendants in the sacred traditions and rituals of the church, emphasizing the importance of adherence and timely execution while instilling a deep understanding of their significance. These trained individuals are then formally ordained as esteemed members of the church’s serving community.

In addition to its instructional efforts, AMOSS organizes annual conferences aimed at uplifting and encouraging young altar boys, furthering their spiritual development and dedication to their sacred duties. With units established in nearly every parish, AMOSS stands as a pillar of support and guidance, striving to uphold the traditions and values of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.