Sunday School

Indian Orthodox Church, London

Indian Orthodox Church, London


St. George’s Indian Orthodox Church’s Sunday School, part of the Orthodox Syrian Sunday School Association of the East (OSSAE), stands as a beacon of spiritual guidance for the youth within our parish. Our purpose is clear: to nurture young hearts and minds in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the traditions of His Church.

Every Sunday, following the Holy Qurbana, our Sunday School convenes to impart invaluable lessons to children ranging from Pre-School to Year XII. However, in reverence to special church occasions or extended services, sessions may be adjusted accordingly. The day’s journey begins with a soul-stirring general assembly, where hymns echo through the halls, Gospel readings come alive in discussion, and the rich tapestry of our church calendar unfurls before us.

Within the sanctity of these walls, our dedicated teachers embark on a voyage of enlightenment, using a structured curriculum to delve into the depths of Holy Scripture and impart sacred knowledge. It’s a voyage not just of learning, but of spiritual growth and community fellowship.

Through the Sunday School of St. George’s Indian Orthodox Church, we strive to cultivate not just a generation of informed individuals, but a community deeply rooted in faith and service.


Our current curriculum aligns with the guidelines set forth by the Orthodox Syrian Sunday School Association of the East (OSSAE) for the Outside Kerala Region (OKR). For more details and supplementary resources, please visit Beginning in the academic year of January 2024, St. George’s Indian Orthodox Church (SGIOC) Sunday School, along with other Sunday schools in the UK, Europe, and Africa region, will transition to the curriculum utilized by the American dioceses of the Malankara Orthodox Church. To explore this updated curriculum and access additional materials, kindly refer to

Exams and Results

Each class within our Sunday School program undergoes two examinations annually: a mid-year exam in July and a final exam in December. These exams are synchronized with other Sunday Schools across the UK, Europe, and Africa (UEA) region, ensuring consistency and fairness. Participation in these exams is mandatory for all students enrolled in our Sunday School.

For students in Class 10, the culmination is marked by the final Class 10 certificate examination. Similarly, students in Class 12 undergo the OSSAE Veda Praveen Class 12 certificate examination, a standardized assessment conducted by the OSSAE across all regions.