Orthodox Christian Youth Movement – “Worship, Study and Service”

Indian Orthodox Church, London

St George's OCYM, London

For 65 years, the Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM), the youth arm of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, has been a stalwart in embodying Christian principles both within the Church and throughout broader society. Its unwavering dedication to Worship, Study, and Service has significantly contributed to the advancement and welfare of the Church and community.

Understanding the pivotal role of fostering camaraderie and nurturing spiritual growth among our young members, a dedicated team from St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church spearheaded the establishment of an OCYM chapter within our parish. This endeavor is geared towards guiding the youth through contemporary challenges while providing a platform for them to showcase their talents.

Since its inception, the OCYM unit has actively participated in numerous parish activities, ranging from service-driven initiatives to retreats, and the commemoration of pivotal Church events such as Parish Day, Day Out, Good Friday and Christmas.

The parish’s Vicar assumes the role of President within the unit, providing guidance and leadership. Each year, a committee is selected to manage the unit’s affairs, with the Secretary taking the helm of its daily operations.


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